echo film productions (2013-2020)


Something's up with Dave, but what has made the usually morose co-worker the life and soul of the party? His colleagues have a few outlandish ideas.

Directed by Eman Elshweisy & Marie Louise France

Written & Edited by Barry Atkins

An Echo Films / Imaginary Preview


One Dave At A Time (2020)


A dedicated psychiatrist tries to help a patient who sees her dead love.

Written & Directed by Eman Elshweisy

Cinematography by Barry Atkins

An Echo Films / Imaginary Preview


Lives In Me (2020)

Laundry Night

All he wanted was some soap. Well, he's in for a little treat...

Directed by Eman Elshweisy

Written by Ike McKris Onyekwere

Cinematography by Barry Atkins

An Echo Films / IkeTV / Imaginary Preview


Laundry Night (2020)

showreel '17

Productions Featured:

  • Mirage (Dubai, 2016)

  • Negafa (Dubai, 2015)

  • Flipped (Dubai, 2015)

  • From A to B (Abu Dhabi, 2015)

  • Dubai Parks Promo (Dubai, 2016)

  • Coffee Culture UAE (Dubai, 2016)

Echo Films Showreel (2017)

finding home

Synopsis: A young boy is left to fend for himself after a state of emergency is declared and his city is evacuated.

As the social order quickly falls apart, he must summon the courage he needs to find home and reunite with his family before it's too late.

Finding Home Trailer (Release date Fall 2019)

are you there?

Synopsis: Haunted by loss, a father struggles to come to terms with what happened to his daughter.

As his grip on reality deteriorates, he endlessly imagines her, still missing, desperately calling him for help as he remains powerless to intervene.

Are You There? (Houston 48 hour film project, 2017)